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WORKSHOP Testimonials

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Tracey is a treasure!  She's one of those people who projects a sense of calm and inner peace onto everyone she meets.  She is a glowing testimony to the power of kindness in our lives.  I think that we all walked away feeling a little better about ourselves and excited to incorporate her message into our lives.  Thank you again! I can't imagine meeting a kinder, more genuine person than Tracey. 

- Shelia

Tracey came to my home recently and mesmerized a very lively group of women for well over an hour. Her stories about providing random letters of kindness to friends and strangers alike was just what we all needed to hear, especially right before Thanksgiving. If you are looking for a meaningful way to engage positive thinking and center yourself to see what's good in the world (at a time where there seems to be so much bad) spend an hour with Tracey. Her positivity, warmth and likability is well worth your time.  

- Claudia

Tracey is an ideal messenger for her workshop “A Few Kind Words”. She tells her story with great warmth and humor, infusing the workshop with powerful yet simple ideas that are inspiring and relatable. “A Few Kind Words” offers attendees an opportunity to hear from a woman whose passion for her life’s purpose shines through. It is an empowering and uplifting talk that resonates long afterwards.


 As a health coach, I’ve always stressed the importance of self care, focusing on all aspects of health: physical, emotional, and spiritual. So when I learned of Wellness coach Tracey Gates’ A Few Kind Words Workshop, I was intrigued and excited and decided to host a workshop for her. Tracey enthusiastically engaged the participants with the history of the catalyst to start her workshop, and she then guided us through a writing exercise describing the benefits of writing to someone- anyone- who has made a positive difference to us or to the community- this could be a friend, neighbor, close relative or the person at the checkout counter at the grocery store. Tracey emphasized that by writing  “just a few kind words” to someone, you are sharing gratitude and possibly brightening his or her outlook for the day, a month or even a lifetime. That day,  I wrote my note to a family member with whom I had been arguing for much too long. The process of just telling that person how much they mean to me was uplifting and healing to my spirit and vice verse. We have been in constant communication since those "'few kind words" were shared.

Tracy Sipprelle

Health & Wellness

Bee Fit with Tracy  

Though there have been many “niceties” that have fallen victim to today’s fast-paced, technological social order, one that has had a severe impact on society is the lost art of speaking, writing, expressing appreciation.  It deeply impacts one’s soul for the better when lips speak words of “thanks,” when ears hear words of gratitude and when time is taken to considerately write words of encouragement.  Tracey’s “A Few Kind Words” initiative is a much needed reminder, and hopefully soon a movement, that revives this lost art, compels each of us to act upon it and, in doing so, restores the wonderful, easy sense of blessing that comes from saying … “I appreciate you!.” 


As I listened to a Tracey describe her personal project, A Few Kind Words, I was drawn to her inspiring reflections. I thought to myself - ‘This is such a simple, yet very powerful concept. Why don’t we focus on this more?!’ I was immediately motivated to host a workshop to help share Tracey’s message of spreading kindness through the written word. I gathered 12 friends for lunch and we listened to Tracey’s thought provoking presentation. It left us all with an uplifted understanding of the impact that kindness has on everyone and how heartfelt gratitude can create positive change. 

Tracey listened as people shared their thoughts about the challenges and distractions of a busy day. She expressed an authentic understanding of the obstacles we face when juggling demands in life and offered a wonderful perspective on how a gratitude practice - in the form of writing a letter of appreciation - can actually make us feel less distracted and definitely more connected.

Everyone expressed how much they appreciated the opportunity to have this conversation and I personally felt the positive energy in the room grow stronger and stronger as the dialogue continued. It was a fantastic experience. 

I highly recommend hosting a gathering because it just makes you feel so good!!


A very thoughtful evening that still resonates with reflection on our words and how we use them and share them. Perfect right before the holiday season begins, but also for everyday of the year. 


Tracey's workshop, A Few Kind Words, is a unique approach to self reflection and personal growth. She heightens our awareness by beginning with, "our personal relationships are the most important legacy we have". She suggests the power to make this a lasting gift is through our brave and authentic voice in making a habit of  writing words of appreciation. 

Since Tracey's workshop, it has made me more aware of the small kindnesses we can easily give out to the world as we go about our day.  It leaves a positive and lasting imprint on our soul as the giver, as well as the receiver. After hosting a lunch at my house for my friends, I was joyful at the positive response to the workshop. Here are some notes I received:

"Thank you very much for so many things, I'm not sure where to begin! Your lunch was a life-changing treat.  I was honored to be included and needless to say, enjoyed it immensely. It does not surprise me that you would have a friend with such an important and dear message. She is changing the world one person (or group) at a time."

"The gathering you had last week was sooo wonderful!! I keep repeating it in my head! Tracey is such a lovely person, delivering us with fabulous nuggets of wisdom!! I have to say everyone was lovely !!! :) A memorable occasion truly!"

- Lolli

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