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COACHING Testimonials

Sometimes life presents you with what you need at exactly the time that you need it most, even if you don’t know that you need it! A chance comment from an old friend led me to Tracey’s website and, taking a leap of faith, I signed up for my first sessions of wellness coaching. I didn’t have much idea of what I was signing up for, I just knew that something felt ‘off’, that life wasn’t quite giving me what I needed. And perhaps more importantly, that I wasn’t giving life quite what it deserved. Immediately on meeting Tracey, I knew that I had found a genuine, wise and insightful guide who would help me navigate and initiate changes in my life. Tracey is warm, direct, supportive, knowledgeable and always, always kind. She asks the questions that perhaps you’ve avoided asking yourself, but in a way that is positive and solution driven. Tracey became the angel on my shoulder, encouraging me, challenging me and cheering me on when times got tough. I can't recommend Tracey highly enough and I’ll always be thankful that our paths have crossed.

- J. N.

I came to Tracey because I found myself lost on my creative journey — only able to see the proverbial forest and not a single tree — stalled on a project I had been working on for years. How lucky I was to have found Tracey! I couldn’t have asked for a better guide to help me find my way home. Tracey not only has a keen sense of what you need at that particular moment in time, but also a gentle and profoundly insightful way of helping you see what is important, what bullsh*t you’ve been telling yourself, and where your soul is telling you to go. Sessions were like meeting with your smartest and kindest friend who brings the best out in you. We laughed often, and yes, cried occasionally, (in a good way!) but my favorite times were those a-ha moments that shone the light down the path: allowing me to draw a map back to my project, my reason, and myself. I now not only see the trees but I’m on the right road for me. It’s a relief, a joy, and the best kind of surprise. I can’t recommend Tracey highly enough.
- Rae

I was equal parts excited and apprehensive when I purchased my package of 12 sessions with Tracey.  I had never worked with a life coach and had never tried coaching or therapy sessions over the  phone so I wasn’t sure what to expect. Well, I can assure you that my surprise was only positive. Tracey instantly felt like a very dear and very close friend from session #1. She is very passionate about her work and has keen insight as far as when to probe and when to change a topic. As it turns out, it is far easier to be truthful and “bare your soul” over the phone because the anonymity and ability to be in your own surroundings leads to an emotional  place I otherwise couldn’t have gone because I was able to feel less emotionally vulnerable. The results were astounding! I can honestly say that my sessions with Tracey led me to make small but very impactful changes in my life that will have significant benefits. Whether you just need help getting organized, dealing with stress, or help working thru a life challenge I am very confident that Tracey can assist you. I completed my sessions feeling stronger and more in control of my life, feeling like I have a new very dear friend and wanting additional sessions …and I suspect you will too.


Choosing Tracey Gates to be my life/health coach was one of the best decisions I have ever made. Tracey helped me set goals that were realistic and meaningful.  More importantly she held me accountable so that I could achieve my goals. Tracey did that with understanding, compassion, empathy and lots and lots of positive reinforcement. Tracey's style is full of encouragement which I am convinced is a key to her success as a coach.  I would highly recommend Tracey and I believe wholeheartedly that  if you work with her, you will see positive changes in your life!

-L. F.

I cannot imagine a better coach and partner for personal growth.  Tracey listens, asks questions, and helps you clear the path toward reaching your goals.  The process is uplifting, nurturing and strengthening.  Tracey brings so much positive energy and positive strategy to the table – it is an exciting process that results in incredible changes.  Whether you want to step forward into a new challenge but are a bit intimidated, or you want to write that book you always said you would, or you want to incorporate new healthful practices into your routine or you just feel like you aren’t shining as brightly as you would like to…Tracey guides you as you vision your future self, and then walks with you on the path to getting there. Her ability to encourage and affirm is incredible.  She teaches you to think in new ways, opening up the path to positive change.  I give Tracey my highest recommendation and am deeply grateful that I had the opportunity to work with her!

-M. S.

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