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Life and Wellness Coaching – Is it for you?

I will help you create the most inspiring and beautiful vision for your future that you can possibly image and I will hold that vision for you until you feel empowered to carry it yourself.

You Are Enough…….. but so often we don’t believe that. We doubt ourselves, judge ourselves and don’t practice self-compassion. We let our limiting beliefs rule our lives and we believe that this is as good as it gets. We feel stuck.

As a certified Life and Wellness coach, I help you to realize that you have choices. If you change your beliefs you can change your experience. I challenge you to think bigger and bolder and partner with you on your journey to write some new chapters in your life. Together we set measurable, realistic goals and I act as your accountability partner, your cheerleader and your vision holder.

I practice in a judgment- free zone which means that I listen and share with empathy and compassion at all times and I invite and encourage you to practice curiosity instead of judgement. It’s about taking responsibility for your life and inviting abundance into your life. Abundance is not a game of chance but rather a conscious decision to leap into your possibility. As Marianne Williamson says so brilliantly “Your playing small doesn’t serve the world”.

If you have tried doing it on your own and it hasn’t worked……then partnering with a Life and Wellness coach may be just what you need to find the balance and joy in your life. I am passionate about helping clients embrace their best selves and believe that they are enough. I offer meaningful and deep reflection on what is working in your life, what’s not and why. I guide people dealing with a wide range of issues including weight and nutrition, life transitions, what’s next stages and finding the confidence and courage to let go of limiting beliefs and honor the things they want to do.

We all need someone to listen to us, support us and challenge us to step out of our comfort zone. A coach is more focused on the present and the future where as a therapist is more focused on the past and the present. It would be my privilege to share your journey for a while and help you figure out what is next, motivate you to define your vision and celebrate with you as you reach your goals. Let’s talk!

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